“Thomas Sowell, Monument to Intelligent Insight”

[A] man whose whole life has been about the search for truth and insights into the nature of the human experience.

— Dr. John Dale Dunn: Thomas Sowell, Monument to Intelligent Insight

In the context of that quote, I’ll put my record against Sowell’s any day. My lifelong history of objectivity scrutiny & demand for the truth is impeccable. I really do follow the facts no matter where they lead — especially if the trail leads to my own mistakes.

And that’s a Fact:

truth verifiable from experience or observation

Sowell’s record is riddled with lies and hypocrisy, but you can also find a major moment where he was a “Maverick” — which I’ll share later in this post.

But since I don’t know enough about Sowell’s life, his “insights into the nature of the human experience” may surpass mine. And if so, fine — I have no interest in clinging to a claim that isn’t true.

I like a lot of what he says anyway — and there’s no denying he has nifty quotes.

But the only reason this site and my documenary exists But with what I have