Safe-Space Central

There’s reciprocal relationship between the Left and the Right. So when you ignore evidence to serve your agenda, guess what? The opposition follows suit So while you may serve your short-term interests — you’re harming them in the long run. Look around 7 years ago, I wrote and produced a documentary that takes both liberalsContinue reading “Safe-Space Central”

Impossibly Stupid

There is no curiosity in them. There are no questions in their minds. There are no “what ifs?” or “maybes” Your behavior is an embarrassment to the entire history of human achievement. You live your life at the bottom while seeing yourselves at the top. Your word is meaningless Your record riddled with hypocrisy .Continue reading “Impossibly Stupid”

Picture Pages

Of all the great principles that foster fruitful communication, this one is paramount: You Improvise, You Overcome, You Adapt I adapt to you and you adapt to me . . . And somewhere in the middle or on the way to it, maybe we come to a meeting of the minds. Even after all that,Continue reading “Picture Pages”


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