“You Can’t Believe Everything You Read”

The claim we hold is as good as gold, bonanza
Hand in hand we built this land, the Ponderosa Ranch
Our birthright is this Cartwright bonanza
We here belong, and standing strong, wrong ain’t got a chance

Day by day, work or play, ready side by side
Hello friend, come on in, the gate is open wide
Bound to be a fightin’ free bonanza
Singing pines of boundary lines for the Ponderosa Ranch

Ever since I was a kid I loved The Ballad of the Green Berets. Every line is exquisite but the one that resonates with me most is Men Who Mean Just What They Say. The sound and rhythm that slowly intensifies throughout the song is sheer perfection. That one could convey such a captivating story of triumph, tragedy, and tradition in 2 minutes and 26 seconds is a hallmark of magnificence.

I’ve never heard another song that so personified honor. I would like to think that bravery in battle would be worthy of intellectual courage from our keyboards.

Condition #3

The belief must be sufficiently specific and sufficiently concerned with the real world so that events may unequivocally refute the belief.

DOCUMENTARY DRAMATIZATION BASED ON EMAIL EXCHANGES (All of his words are verbatim and mine are summarized arguments of what I wrote in those emails).