Poetry To Ponder

Each of the following poems are at the heart of my Mount Everest of the Obvious documentary. I wrote this first one the day after Memorial Day in 2004. It illustrates how defenders of the indefensible make a mockery of the very things they care about most.

And yes, I borrowed the title from The Police song from 1980.

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Sorry souls above the earth
Lacking courage to question
Hiding behind mask so Divine
Curiosity devoid absent of reason
Trouncing thy neighbor always in season
Squanderers of truth servants of the lie
Look the other way while we ask why
Sing your songs heaping praises
Lumping Lord and leaders
Undiscerning two-faces
Save your prayers I’m six feet below
Might be alive
Without your refusal to know

Hide and Seek

I wrote Hide and Seek on October 29, 2003 — over 5 years before weapons inspector Charles Duelfer published a book of the same name (he replaced David Kay as leader of the Iraq Survey Group on  January 23, 2004). It’s certainly not my best work, but I thought it was important to share since it bears on my insight into the WMD debacle (and my precise prediction that President Bush would terminate the weapons search soon after the 2004 election). I thought it was a pretty cool book cover so I added that below as well.

So long the search continues
So long the illusion pre-veils
Weapons buried deep within
Foundation of lies
Cloaked mesh of black
Gleaming hollow eyes
Mirrors of no reflection