Dear Mr. Barstow

It’s the guy who never gives up — the one with the most comprehensive documentary ever done on Iraq WMD.

Your article on the board below should have been enough — or any of my sources should have been plenty to blow holes in this patently obvious poppycock.

Emotion running roughshod over evidence is why they weren’t. And such behavior is at core of our country’s decline.

I have a plan — bear with me

I wrote a 13-part blog series called Two Sides of the Same Counterfeit Coin — which was partly inspired by a fairly famous person who follows my writing.

Along the way, I came up with an idea that’s unlike anything ever done.

That guy would be perfect to spearhead my plan (as he likely agrees with everything I have written about both sides).

Just one problem: I took his hero to task on WMD . . .

There’s a religion around Thomas Sowell — and his army of sycophants sing him praises while entirely abandoning the very principles upon which they worship him.

Inside of 5 minutes, I can crush his baseless beliefs — so imagine what I did with 160.

Glenn Loury called my writing “brilliant” and was “blown away” by my site — but he refused to consider anything outside of what he sees about Sowell.

The loyalty around this guy is unlike anything I have ever seen.

Most of ’em have no idea of his reprehensible record on Iraq (nor do they care). And these aren’t just Bush apologists — his disciples defend him no matter what.

But they do care about his reputation. And believe it or not, what I have in mind would elevate it worldwide (which I don’t care about one bit — but they would).

I need a way to box this guy in by his own “standards” . . .

The ones he flagrantly failed to follow in the biggest and most costly lie in modern history.

To suggest that Iraq wasn’t a lie should be like saying we didn’t go to the moon.

That alone would be huge in reframing debate in this nation. I explain all that in detail in Part 12-A and 12-B.

America seems oblivious to the reciprocal relationship between the Left and the Right, so they can’t comprehend how they help create many of the problems they’re perpetually fighting.

I don’t do politics — I do reality.

Black Lives Matter, the removal of monuments, and Kaepernick’s kneeling — rolled out the red carpet for Trump.

That — was not smart

As I explain in Part 3 — kneeling with a more sophisticated message might have made all the difference in the world.

And the Right treating Bush like the Second Coming of Christ, set the stage for the rise of the Rock Star they spent the next 8 years railing against.

Somehow these strategies don’t strike me as sound.

My aim isn’t to serve a party

It’s to be smart and solve problems. And for that — we need honest debate (which is impossible in the way we operate now).

My idea is to establish a small institution with unassailable integrity — people who go after the truth no matter what.

Boxing Thomas Sowell into a corner by exposing his hypocrisy would put in him a bind — to the point where he might come clean . . .

But not without a push.

If I could get Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, or Coleman Hugues, or anyone of influence in that circle — they might move on it if they see it’s in their interests.

Sowell is the key — because if he comes around, his high-profile people will have a big problem on their hands.

The idea is to go after the leaders of the Follow the Facts Parade one by one.

There’s a lot more to explain about all this — and why the likes of Loury, McWhorter, and Hugues would have motive to eventually come around.

But I can’t do that without some help.

If it’s outside your wheelhouse — maybe you know someone who might be interested.

My idea may sound like a fantasy — but it’s a helluva lot more sound than continuing on the same course that got us here. The former can feasibly work — the latter is a March of Folly that no chance.

Someone on Twitter told me that my documentary was far ahead of its time. I saw what was coming 7 years ago, and now that it’s much worse — people still don’t get it:

Part of my plan includes using my doc as way to frame discussion — which would be hugely beneficial in your new role at Berkeley.

There’s a lot to learn from my work on my multiple fronts.

Thank you for your time,