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You think because something’s “.com” it magically makes it more “reliable”? I could have had .com, but I was ecstatic when I saw that WordPress had added some new options.

Since I’m writing about life — .life somehow seemed to fit.

But that’s me.

If you don’t like it — that’s fine, I don’t care.

It’s just that this childish attitude is so stupid.

If you’re uncomfortable clicking on a link, then don’t — but don’t be prick about it . . .

You make yourself look stupid — not because you’re uneasy about an unfamiliar domain, but rather because you’re dead certain about things you know nothing about.

A lot of that goin’ around

And if I wanted to know something, I’d never give up so easily:

If I had a concern about something, there’s this old-fashioned way of approaching people.

Try this on for size

But what these people really wanna do — is frame the “debate” in a way that allows them to control it.

So instead of putting in some actual effort to read through my exhaustively detailed arguments on my site — they wanna work with one fragment at a time.

So the second they get wind that about it’s WMD, they can derail the discussion with rapid-fire ridicule.

Like this regurgitated crap from know-nothing know-it-alls like Larry Elder and “Expert” By Association:

Where do you think Mentality of a Mob came from?

These people aren’t looking to learn — they’re looking to win. And Anything Goes to get there.

I invented on organization for these people many years ago:

In what what is a Sowell a fraud? Give examples.

I’m not sure where this person falls in below — and he wasn’t rude or anything. But I just find it ridiculous that a person asks for a examples when Call Sign “Maverick” sounds like something that’s going to lay it all out.

Ya know — like the image atop the page

Kinda gives you an idea of where this is going from the get-go, don’t ya think?

I already put it on a silver platter for you — documentary and and all.

I’m not taking complex and convoluted subject matter of world-altering magnitude — and boiling it down to 280 characters for your enjoyment.

All so you can shove it right back in my face with some f#*%!@g talking points.

As I wrote on You Got Gold:

In that sprit, this site will serve as my calling card of convictions. I will paste the link from time to time, and say nothing more to anyone uninterested in healthy discussion.

You wanna talk me to, great — but take some time to read what I’ve written first. Otherwise, I’ve got no time for ya. I’m not here here to entertain you with playtime “debate.”

This is the mark of a child

Never in my life have I treated people in such ways — and I get this crap on a regular basis.

I’m not insulted . . . it’s just that it’s so f#*%!@g stupid.

Liars, hypocrites, and morons have millions of followers and hits.

Should we base the veracity of their views on party and popularity?

A majority-rules vote f#*%$d up the future of the entire world — as they ignored world-renowned nuclear scientists in order to give an equal vote to totally unqualified agencies.

Mr. Maverick, Godfather of Facts Over Feelings, our “National Treasure — if you could live for 150 years” . . .

With all your books, interviews, and army of your sycophants who kiss your ass — surely you are the arbiter of all truth . . .

Could you tell me why the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) — got an equal say on the aluminum tubes for the NIE vote?

An agency that does imagery analysis of the Earth?!?

Same for NSA and other agencies that had no expertise in centrifuge physics.

And why wasn’t JAEIC allowed to weigh in?

You don’t know what JAEIC is?

Allow me

DAVID ALBRIGHT (RWM): An alternative method to resolve this conflict would have been for the DCI to ask for the judgment of the Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee (JAEIC for short)  which is officially part of the NIE process. JAEIC has been a standing DCI technical intelligence committee for several decades.

WASHINGTON POST (April 1st, 2005): The CIA refused to convene the government’s authoritative forum for resolving technical disputes about nuclear weapons. JAEIC proposed twice — in the spring and summer of 2002 — to assess all the evidence. The CIA’s front office replied that the CIA was not ready to discuss its position.

RWM: For a year and a half the C.I.A. was ready enough to shovel its certitude to the White House. Turner was ready enough to arrogantly dismiss the conclusions of all the world’s top centrifuge scientists. And yet somehow the C.I.A. was never ready enough to openly debate the issue.

On the biggest and most costly lie in modern history — the guy with hardly any hits, 11 followers, and a “blog nobody reads” . . .

Is the only person on the planet who told this story full — nailing Democrats and Republicans to the wall while I’m at it.

This childish mentality below is an embarrassment to the entire history of human achievement:

You have no respect for knowledge — and insult your own intelligence in your contempt for correction.

And they’ve got company

And once again

This pompous son of a bitch acts like I imagined it all.

Never mind that that I’ve gotten nothing but disdain for trying to tell this truth for nearly 20 years.

Never mind The Godfather never budged one bit to follow the facts:

On a matter of world-altering consequence, no less.

And of all those in that crowd that I’ve challenged on WMD — their knowledge combined could fit into a thimble with space to spare.

Then there’s the the Immaculate Intellectuals who unwittingly perpetuate the lie . . .

Feeding Sowell’s army of sycophants who worship their false idol like the Intellectuals that sooth them.

Don’t Look Now

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