Should Thomas Sowell Be Held to His Own Standards?

His followers would surely say, “Yes” — but their actions say otherwise. If evidence claimed as components to build a nuclear bomb isn’t worthy of consideration, what is?

Apparently, his principles below are only to be applied against the Left. I misunderstood, as I was under the impression that Sowell follows the facts wherever they lead. That’s what he said — and so did you.

But I go by what people do — I’m old-fashioned that way.

America’s more into what’s fashionable:

opinions lightly adopted but firmly held . . . forged from a combination of ignorance, dishonesty, and fashion

— Life at the Bottom

To claim that Iraq WMD wasn’t a lie should be like saying we didn’t land on the moon. In denying that reality, half the country helped create a culture where denying reality is now the norm . . .

On a matter involving war in the Middle East in a post 9/11 world — the stakes don’t get much higher. For a “Maverick” who’s worshipped for “following the facts” — wouldn’t he take the trail to where they matter most?

As in the marquee evidence used to manufacture this fraud?

I did — Sowell didn’t

You couldn’t carry Sowell’s jockstrap

After all your posturing and pasting of quotes to celebrate your “National Treasure” — slinging childish insults is the extent of your “argument”?

On evidence involving artillery rockets and material properties of centrifuge rotors — the apostles of Sowell smugly cite his books on economics, race, and whatnot:

Anything to glorify him as they abandon any notion of accountability.

These people do nothing but question my motives, mock my site, and assault my character — then proudly post quotes of Sowell looking stately as he condemns the very thing they’re doing.

  • Repeat slogans: “Everybody believed Iraq had WMD”
  • Question people’s motives: Bush hater, Bush basher, Bush Derangement Syndrome, Plamegate & plenty more. Adding to the arsenal of childish crap to continue the tradition: Snowflake, Libtard, Libturd, Cupcake, TDS, Demon-crat, Democrat Party
  • Bold assertions: Russians said so, British said so, Bill Clinton said so, Leaders of both parties said so . . .

No coherent argument, Repeat slogans, Vent their emotions, Question people’s motives, Bold assertions . . .

I wouldn’t care if Sowell cured cancer:

You don’t get a pass for basking in baseless beliefs that cripple the country — and have the bottomless nerve to preach responsibility & accountability to boot.

That is a cancer of its own

The poison he pumped into the atmosphere helped destroy the internal organs of America. So we have very different standards as to what qualifies as a “National Treasure.”

For nearly 20 years on this matter of mathematical certainty — I’ve been practically spit on for following principles people worship purveyors of virtue for peddling. The second they’re questioned, those precious virtues you promote on a daily basis in the Facts Over Feelings Parade — are rolled right over with your feelings.

With just what you’ve seen above — something should go off in your mind to wonder:

Maybe this guy knows something I don’t — perhaps I should follow the facts to find out what that is.

You think I just put those props on display for the hell of it?

I wrote and produced the most exhaustive documentary ever done on WMD — in 7 parts totally 2 hours and 40 minutes. Sowell wrote a couple of 2-minute reads that never even mention the marquee evidence Powell presented at the U.N.

You can’t have “Compared to What?” without comparing what’s in question. In the aftermath of 9/11, the marquee evidence used to sell a war in the Middle East is as critical as comparison gets.

If you don’t like me spoon-feeding you illustrations — go read the reports for yourselves: And I’ve got plenty more material to add to your reading list.

But that takes work — and why bother when you can just ridicule those who did it for you.

One picture is worth a thousand words

When you don’t want the pictures — and you don’t want the words: What would you have me do?

And once I did it — we both know your next move . . .

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