Mount Everest of the Obvious: The Deal Is That We Connect These Dots — Part II

I’ve never continued to believe anything to be true that was demonstrably false. If I’m wrong — I wanna know and I’ll openly admit it.

I love moments of truth and measurement. One of my favorites is the Florida election fiasco of 2000. I just wanted the right thing to be done — whether it served my interests or not was irrelevant:

And said so at the time

That sense of fairness is so foreign I might as well be speaking another language.

When it comes to ascertaining the truth — I don’t care what your cause is, who’s in the White House, who controls Congress or the courts. I learned early on in life that what you want gets in the way of what you see.

There is no amount of gain you could give me to believe something to be true that is false. When warranted, I will defend those I despise and call out those I like.

I call a spade a spade, period

I don’t do politics, I do reality

I simply stick to the rules — which side it helps or hurts has nothin’ to do with it.

So, ya know . . .

To conform to fact

We must agree that it was watermelon and consider what it means: Maybe nothing, maybe everything. But you pollute the debate when you won’t even acknowledge the irrefutable.

Worse than that — you poison your purpose:

On that front — and this one

At the heart of why we fail to live up to our potential as a society is because we excel at polluting even the purest form of fact. How can we possibly solve serious problems when we refuse to adhere to some semblance of the fundamentals of making sense?

— Richard W. Memmer: Epilogue

Debunking the WMD delusion & Trayvon tale is a conduit for showing how this nation systematically derails debate.

“Everybody believed Iraq had WMD” is not a valid argument any more than “armed only with Skittles.” By the way — how many of you know what Trayvon actually looked like?

It’s not the kid on People magazine I assure you.

I’m not interested in defending Zimmerman — my aim is to expose the irrational behavior of blindly defending Martin and the damage you did by doing so.

The second you shun evidence that doesn’t fit the narrative you want — you have contaminated your judgment. How quickly you come to your conclusions — and what you’re willing to ignore to solidify them: 

That is the underlying message of my efforts.

[Coleman] Hughes says he formerly accepted the premise of Black Lives Matter — that, in his words, “racist cops are killing unarmed black people” — but now believes that this premise does not survive scrutiny once factors other than race are taken into account.

No rational person would deny that “racist cops killing unarmed black people” is not the end all be all of every questionable shooting. An entire industry argues deeper factors on a daily basis, but try sharing facts that fly in the face of their interests — and they change the rules.

Taking other factors into account is what they demand of the opposition — not of themselves.

A lot of that goin’ around

There’s a classic scene in Seinfeld that delightfully illustrates the divide between declarations of virtue and delivering on them:

I don’t think you do. If you did, I’d have a car. 

See, you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to *hold* the reservation . . . and that’s really the most important part of the reservation — the *holding*

Anybody can just take ’em!

Glenn Loury once called my writing “brilliant” and “blown away” by my site and signed up:

That was then — this is now

And they already belonged to one before that.

Stick around — you’ll see

When I told someone the post title above, instead of considering the case — he opted for, you guessed it:

The Early Years . . .

The human understanding when it has once adopted an opinion … draws all things else to support and agree with it. And though there be a greater number and weight of instances to be found on the other side, yet these it either neglects or despises … in order that by this great and pernicious predetermination the authority of its former conclusions may remain inviolate.

McWhorter & Loury-like communities are operating on narrative, not principle. It’s a sign of the times that you could celebrate “follow the facts” and refuse to go anywhere near ’em.

I’m sure it’s intoxicating to amass a following and feel like you’re making a difference. But I’m gonna weigh your impact partly as a reflection of your community: How people behave — not what they believe.

If you can’t get that right, I don’t care how big your following gets — you’re taking this nation nowhere. Not in the right direction, anyway.

Fanatical followers of pundits act like these people are some of the greatest minds to ever live. Anyone worthy of this ridiculous hero-worship — wouldn’t want it, as they’d have a helluva lot higher expectations of their supporters.

We’ve become a culture that wildly exaggerates on everything: Gushing with over-the-top praise or seething with over-the-top scorn. And gain you get in the moment is the only measurement that matters.

On that note

How many of you have dealt with any of these personalities one-on-one? And of that group, how many have put their principles to the test on matters practically woven into their DNA?

I have — and lo and behold, they are not the people you see on TV and YouTube.

We all have our heroes

And that’s a healthy thing when looking up to them elevates us. Hero-worship is something else entirely.

America has gone totally off the rails in its worship of the wildly undeserving — and that includes the so-called Rock Star running the show right now.

— Richard W. Memmer: Epilogue

While I had Obama and Bush primarily in mind — my message was about that behavior no matter who it is. That’s what having principles is all about.

I have a lifelong record that reflects the virtues delivered by The Duke — but as you’ll see, my admiration is measured — as it should be.

PKIA’s parishioners pooh-pooh anything of the kind.

They’re busy

In John Wayne: The Life and Legend, the author relays a story about The Duke growing up as Marion Robert Morrison — and how every day he rode eight miles to elementary school on a horse named Jenny. No matter how much he fed his horse, Jenny was still too thin.

Some ladies in town took notice of what they perceived as malnutrition and reported his family to the Humane Society. After a vet examined the horse it was diagnosed to have a disease and eventually they had to put her down.

On top of losing his beloved horse, Marion was understandably unhappy with how he was treated:

[A] sense of outrage over being falsely accused never left him. “I learned you can’t always judge a person or a situation by the way it appears on the surface,” he remembered. “You have to look deeply into things before you’re in a position to make a proper decision.”

In the book: DUKE, We’re Glad We Knew You: John Wayne’s Friends and Colleagues Remember His Remarkable Life — in the forward is a 1979 article that includes the following:

To him a handshake was a binding contract. When he was in the hospital for the last time and sold his yacht, The Wild Goose, for an amount far below its market value, he learned the engines needed minor repairs. He ordered those engines overhauled at a cost to him of $40,000 because he had told the new owner the boat was in good shape.

— The Unforgettable John Wayne by Ronald Reagan

This 60-second scene from The Searchers squares with the quote above — and it’s at the bedrock of my beliefs.

“I Told Ya, Didn’t I!”

John Wayne was also a jerk on some of his stances. But it’s ludicrous to waste time and effort on purity tests about the past that do nothing but poison the present and cripple the future.

This — is not problem solving:

“It is widely recognized that racist symbols produce lasting physical and psychological stress and trauma particularly to Black communities, people of color and other oppressed groups,” the resolution says, adding that Orange County is more diverse than it was when the airport was christened under Wayne’s name in 1979.

Lemme tell you what else is “widely recognized” — you’re being played.

Whatever gains you get by aimless protests, removing monuments, renaming airports, and other concocted outrage you come up with — those gains will be offset untold times over.

And already have been.

Again and again

It absolutely amazes me that some of the most brilliant minds in the world seem incapable of correlating how “unrelated” issues impact one another. The most harmful pollution on the planet is noise — narrative that drowns out sensible discussion.

You could blame those who amplify that deafening noise with delight — or be smart by not doing dumb things that drive the narrative in the first place.

The Right didn’t write this — I did:

I don’t see what the problem is

— Typical Tweeter tapping earth-shattering insight

You don’t see — a lot!

All this over-the-top engineering of sensitivity has gotten totally out of hand. Excessive sensitivity breeds hypersensitivity. When you water things down to be politically correct, our nation’s ability to discern decreases right along with it:

Creating a culture that’s increasingly more easily offended and radically irrational . . .

Across the board

Renaming teams and pancake products, wiping Indians off boxes of butter, banning Dukes of Hazzard, and Microsoft’s Inclusiveness Checker to program you proper:

Enough already!

For those who would try to educate me by saying I don’t understand the feelings involved in these asinine efforts to comfort people:

No, you don’t understand . . .

Even without unintended consequences — it’s just plain stupid. No matter how many times the Right has tortured the truth without mercy — that doesn’t change the fact that they make a helluva lot more sense on this front than the Left.

And don’t even get me started on how homelessness is a problem perpetuated by those most sensitive in their approach to solving it.

Once again

How you handle one issue can do catastrophic damage to all the rest. If you don’t know that by now — open your eyes and take a good look around.

Then there’s this . . .

I’m not qualified to discuss climate change, but I can say with certainty that no number of Legacy docs would put a pinprick in the atmosphere of absurdity that’s suffocating our country.

It’s easy to blame climate deniers — but you’ve done plenty of damage by denying reality of your own.

Couldn’t we just have a grandfather clause that covers our questionable past — and get on with the business of solving problems in a serious-minded manner?

By the way, it’s equally absurd to inflate someone’s record — as it is to taint the totality of it for political correctness.

John Wayne was 34 years old when the attack on Pearl Harbor shocked the nation. And when the U.S. declared war, Wayne rushed to sign up for active duty. The patriot John Wayne was overwhelmed with despair when informed that he was both too old to fight, and under contractual obligations to the studio — which would keep him out of combat.

That — is not true

[R]ushed to sign up for active duty . . . overwhelmed with despair . . . too old to fight . . . under contractual obligations

They’re either lying or incredibly sloppy in their research.

Pick one

Either way — if they’re willing to produce such shoddy work on something as uneventful as The John Wayne Story, what do you think passes for accuracy on matters of importance?

And this is precisely how the media molds your perception — by wildly oversimplifying issues and leaving out anything that doesn’t fit.

To tell the truth on Wayne’s reluctance to serve when his career was kicking into gear — complicates the narrative.

Recognizing complicated issues is what this country desperately needs.

Appreciating complexity sharpens the mind and simplifies problem solving — as it cuts through the crap that narrow-minded narratives create.

What do you think I’m saying with these black & white outfits?

To him a handshake was a binding contract

I’m the same way — PKIA is not

about that narrative

We’re a university. We should be above whatever the fad or the fashion is of any given day. We should be looking at the deep questions. We should be analytical. We should be emphasizing reason. Instead, it was like a kind of emotional rush — in which . . . the president and provost and the top leadership of my university — wanted to jump on a bandwagon. They wanted to wave a banner.

And I thought to myself, what have we come to at the university — that the first reaction to grave matters — and the rioting in the street after George Floyd died is a grave matter.

That the reaction is not to think it through, not to question, not to assemble facts, not to make arguments — but instead to wave banners and spout slogans such that you could hardly distinguish what they were doing from a manifesto that would come out of Black Lives Matter

— Glenn Loury

Remove the references around George Floyd — and that behavior rings a bell.

Now I Remember . . .

As the patriots Never Forget

The aftermath of this

That the reaction is not to think it through, not to question, not to assemble facts, not to make arguments — but instead to wave banners and spout slogans such that you could hardly distinguish what they were doing from a manifesto that would come out of . . .

Tuchman alighted on a root cause of folly that she called “wooden-headedness” — defined in part as “assessing a situation in terms of preconceived fixed notions while ignoring or rejecting contrary information.”

If you’re not gonna do your part and accept responsibility for the damage you’ve done and dishonesty baked into your beliefs — why should the Left?

Why should anyone?

Ripping on woke is all the rage. And outrage industries of dish it but can’t take it — would talk about race and responsibility till the end of time. But heaven forbid we have a single conversation about war and responsibility.

The Right wants the Left and the black community to get its act together on matters deeply woven into the fabric of America’s long history of brutality and disgrace:

Slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, murder, decades of civil rights violations, questionable shootings, and so on.

While the Right won’t even look at the material properties of a tube. What’s wrong with that picture — and this one?

Preach responsibility and take none

When your camp came up empty on WMD — you just bought more bullshit from the same people who sold you the first batch:


The Left institutionalizes weakness — and the Democratic Party is notorious for lacking backbone. You weaken the very people you’re trying to strengthen — branding weakness to boot.

And right on cue, the Right is ready to pounce.

I don’t blame ’em — except for the part about them being weak while branding strength.

Conservatives have put on a masterclass of complaining for 30 years — but because the intelligentsia on the Left perennially pumps candy into that piñata: They beat the hell out of you — while unconscionably ignoring the debauchery of their own behavior.

Sailing away on Scot-Free . . .

Then there’s this

America obsessively concerns itself with symbols — fixating over a missing flag pin on a politician’s lapel, for instance.

So — these people can:

  • Incessantly lie
  • Manipulate the hell out of you
  • Start dumb wars and never finish them
  • Drag their feet forever
  • Obstruct as if not doing your job were a virtue
  • Take off all kinds of time after accomplishing nothing

  • Waste mountains of money while touting concerns about spending
  • Spend enormous amounts of time & energy assailing the opposition while absolving their own at every turn
  • Broadcast beliefs that have no bearing on their record or yours
  • Rile you up with red meat to savagely scorn the other side — as you sail Scot-Free on an ocean of bottomless lies and hypocrisy . . .

Never in doubt — while you fret over flair:

Conservatives control the narrative about responsibility and think that magically translates to taking responsibility. Republicans pounce on the Left day in and day out — as if the Right’s record vanished off the face of the earth.

It’s all about framing the narrative — and the Left institutionalizing weakness is a gimme for the Right to rail on ’em.

That the Left brings it on themselves is another matter . . .

And the icing on the cake

Sincere intellectuals justifiably calling out universities, woke ways, racially rigged incidents and such: Providing endless fodder for the Right to rip people for behavior that pales in comparison to what they’ve done for decades.

The Right delights in ridiculing the Left for burning buildings to further the cause. Yet they went batshit crazy after 9/11: Setting the world ablaze — and browbeating anybody out of line in their March of Folly.

That — is faith-based belief at its best:

The Left’s anti-racism religion, woke, and whatnot — they’re amateurs.

And what the likes of Loury & McWhorter miserably fail to recognize is that their efforts act like a firewall by unwittingly providing an unlimited supply of candy to that piñata.

I’m not suggesting they stop — I’m suggesting they reframe the debate by broadening it. Someone really “looking at the deep questions” — would have the courage to consider mine.

By not deviating from your lane — you don’t understand the roadblocks within it that were created outside of it.

It would be extremely difficult to reach the Left no matter what you do. But by feeding that firewall, you’re building in barricades that block you from reaching them in ways you might be able to without the Right sailing Scot-Free.

By the way

The right often accuses the left of exaggerating victimhood, turning a blind eye to reality, and distorting language to do so. The left, it’s often said, harbors “snowflakes” and the like who are beset by a victim complex. Lately, however, this frame of mind knows no party or political affiliation. Especially since the Capitol riot, assorted conservative figures have embodied a fragility of the right.


Mr. McWhorter — I’ve been in the trenches dealing with these chronic complainers a helluva lot longer than “lately.”

First time I ever heard of John McWhorter was in a 2017 interview with Brian Williams. In talking about take a wild guess, he said . . .

He has a rather narcotic joy in dismissal and belittlement

A lot of that goin’ around

There’s no willingness to say, “I’m wrong.” I mean, you have to take a 2×4 to these people, basically — to get ’em to, sorta, knock ’em down and admit they were wrong.

Albright’s talking about the people pushing the aluminum tubes fantasy that took us to war.

And I’m talkin’ about you

For nearly 20 years on this topic — I’ve been shown nothing but excuses laced with self-satisfied scorn: For following principles those same people worship purveyors of virtue for peddling.

And now information is so funneled in a fashion to your liking — you don’t even know what to do with anything that isn’t.

It astounds me that wading through unfamiliar territory on this site is somehow seen as complicated as quantum physics.

I assure you

What it took to acquire this information was infinitely more demanding than anything you face here — let alone the complexities in exposing systematic deception at the core of our country’s ills.

There are countless people saying the same things in the same old ways — with channels, sites, and substacks that conform to the formula.

No offense to the fine work that many people provide on those platforms: But I find those environments unimaginative, unfulfilling, and of questionable efficacy.

Not to mention this:

But we’re all here because we share some important things in common: a commitment to reason, curiosity, independence, decency, and a hunger for honest conversation. In our upside-down world, holding fast to these ideals can sometimes feel lonely.

More than ever, we crave the company of people who share our core values.

— Bari Weiss: Welcome to Year Two

It’s a nice gesture for Bari to bond with her audience. But what people crave is the company of those who see themselves as they do — never mind their record doesn’t remotely reflect their claims.

Without “commitment” and “holding fast” — it’s just wishful thinking, and it shows! Decades of delight in the Gutter Games of Government has crippled this country.

By being in bondage to baggage and baseless beliefs — painfully obvious lies become calcified as fact. We could do something about that:

But you’re busy

This nation does nothing in the spirit of exchange, give & take, and arguing in good faith. Talk about being “triggered” (since that’s the lingo you love): Instantly firing off “Where’s your facts?” — in the face of maybe the most detailed documentary ever done on any subject:

is raw emotion

It would be unthinkable for me to refuse to look at someone’s work — and fire back with your “Where’s your facts?” refrain of an automaton because they don’t instantaneously appear.

Let’s get real: That’s a stunt (like smugly slinging “I’ll wait”) — not a genuine inquiry in the interest of truth.

And the only thing you’re “waiting” for is fodder to fuel your next fix.

If you operated anywhere in the same galaxy of these claims below — the mountain of material I’ve written over decades wouldn’t exist.

The second you’re questioned, those precious virtues you promote on a daily basis in the Facts Over Feelings Parade — are rolled right over with your feelings.

Your record is who you are — not what you believe

It’s all marketing

If he were the genuine article — those books would not be so one-sided.

The notion that feelings over facts is limited to the Left is ludicrous. If you were trying to solve a problem instead of sell books and boost your popularity — you’d be fair-minded by addressing how this behavior applies across the board.

If it were truly about following the facts, you wouldn’t need slogans — and wouldn’t want ’em.

Your record would speak for itself.

Then again

Do these people really wanna solve problems anyway? Do you?

Man is at least as much a problem-creating as a problem-solving animal. Better a crisis than the permanent boredom of meaninglessness.

— Life at the Bottom

But even if you look at it from a purely political viewpoint:

Had you held Trump to higher standards, he might still be in office. Same goes for the other side — had they not wallowed in woke and played their tried and untrue games on race, Trump would not have won the White House in the first place.

But keep the faith

If you don’t like me spoon-feeding you illustrations — go read the reports for yourselves: And I’ve got plenty more material to add to your reading list.

But that takes work — and why bother when you can just ridicule those who did it for you.

One picture is worth a thousand words

When you don’t want the pictures — and you don’t want the words: What would you have me do?

And once I did it — we both know your next move . . .

We should be above whatever the fad or the fashion is of any given day. We should be looking at the deep questions. We should be analytical. We should be emphasizing reason.

Only for problems that are popular and easy to perceive? Whatever’s in your wheelhouse? Is that as deep as your questions go, Glenn?

Repeatedly rehashing issues is not the mark of problem solving:

It’s the mark of a market

Like Black Lives Matter — they’re just pounding away at problems without any examination of the efficacy of their efforts.

Blunt instruments

Same goes for this . . .

I don’t care if Kaepernick kneels — I care that you can’t solve multidimensional problems with one-dimensional gestures.

I ask a different question . . .

I do that a lot:

What if Kaepernick kneeled and acknowledged that they need to do their part while asking the police to do theirs?

Hold the phone — you want us to share some responsibility?

Chris Rock didn’t come up with this sketch out of thin air. But for me to suggest this is the entire problem — would be as preposterous as you denying it’s part of it.

Kneel, but couple your message with Kobe’s — and you change the dynamic of the debate:

I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American. That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American, we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society? Well, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American.

The Right would still fuss over it — but they might cut ya some slack if you’re kneeling with a shared purpose.

Protesting in a wholesale manner shows you’re not serious about recognizing the realities of a problem. It says you want to see it only from your perspective.

That — will never work

And lo and behold — neither will this:

What’s wrong with this picture?

Nothing in the atmosphere of America is improving on any front:

But hey . . .

We’ve got 24 million visitors to our website, an email list of 2 million & growing, fundraising on the rise, and a million actions taken.

These communities and efforts operate under umbrellas of interests that don’t account for complexities outside of them. 

And this — is where my Clear the Clutter framework comes in:

We’ll get to that

You don’t really need to find out what’s goin’ on
You don’t really wanna know just how far it’s gone
Just leave well enough alone Eat your dirty laundry . . .

We can do “The Innuendo,” we can dance and sing
When it’s said and done, we haven’t told you a thing
We all know that crap is king

In the Crap is King culture we’ve created:

Infantile insults are celebrated

The doubt-free who don’t do their homework are the experts. Those who belittle and outright reject correction — are the righteous and wise. The ones with courage to admit when they’re wrong — are the weak. Tireless dedication is mercilessly mocked — while intellectual laziness is esteemed.

Original thinking and uniqueness are bashed — while conforming to the trite is trumpeted. Depth is discarded with disdain — while shallowness is embraced with love.

The honest & sincere are shunned — while manipulators & liars are welcomed with open arms.

This is my story — and if you read it in full, you’ll find it’s part of your story too. You’ve all dealt with the same behavior I have — the difference is that I get it from every direction:

How do we make people realize they’ve been lied to? You have to knock down one small pillar that’s easier to reach.

The people who Tweeted those lines I combined from a conversation I came across — had no idea that they perfectly captured the principle of my Clear the Clutter plan.

PKIA is the perfect pillar

On the biggest and most costly lie in modern history, no less. Back in the doc days, it was about going up against institutions and all of America. Now? It’s about getting to one man — and by exposing that fraud, we can expose all the rest:

I’m not just taking PKIA to task because he’s got it comin’ — I need this guy. The ultimate irony is that your blind loyalty limits him — while my criticism could elevate him to heights your hero-worship ensures he’ll never go.

So you’re saying that your plan will elevate PKIA to worldwide recognition — by holding him accountable? That if he comes clean — he could be the catalyst to turn the tide?

That’s exactly what I’m saying

It won’t matter that PKIA blew it on WMD or why — all that matters is having the guts to say:

I was wrong — and I’m trying to make it right

Shouldn’t you abide by the principles upon which you put these people on a pedestal — even if it knocks ’em off of it? Wouldn’t the genuine article want you to hold them accountable to their claims?

Work is a journey on which you welcome challenge . . .

Work does not instantly respond — work digs to discover and inquires to clarify. Work is difficult and demands discernment. Work wonders, pauses, listens, absorbs, and reflects.

Work does not rest on who’s right and who’s wrong: Work wants to know if there’s something more to see, something to learn, something that sharpens the mind. Work never stops building on the foundation of your own work and what you learn from the work of others.

Work works its way through material that is not easy.

Work recognizes complexity and the demands of in-depth explanation. Work will go on a trip to ideas that take time and effort to understand. Work knows that you can’t see your way to a solution without understanding the different dimensions of a problem.

Work does not defend before you consider

Work does not race to conclusions — work arrives at them through careful consideration. Work is willing is rethink what you think you know. Work takes integrity, courtesy, curiosity, courage, and decency.

Work comes with the willingness to be wrong.

Work is not self-satisfied. Work does not sling snippets of certitude — work crafts argument on the merits. Work is an exchange where each party takes information into account. Work does not issue childish insults — work demands that you act your age.

Work respects your intelligence by using it — and shows respect to others as we work our way to mutual respect. Work won’t be pretty and might even get ugly — but work will do what it takes to work it out.

And if you wanna start solving problems — work is what it’s gonna take.

Speaking of work

I’m looking for fiercely independent thinkers for an idea that could turn the tide. If you’re not interested in hearing me out and having meaningful conversation — we have nothing to talk about and I wish you well.

Please contact me through the site or DM on Twitter — as I no longer respond to Tweets or superficial fragments of any kind.

Thank you!

One voice began to echo through the night. One voice raised in song. The song was terribly out of tune — but sung with great enthusiasm.

One voice became two — and two became three.

— Admiral McRaven

Ah, the pooh-poohers of possibility:

Forever on the front lines of lowering the bar while I’m trying to raise it — you’ve been a constant companion almost all my life.

Where would I be without you?

On the image above, one might assume that piece is only about issues of the day. That’s not what I do — which should be self-evident by now.

The Yellow Brick Road is the path of America’s pursuits — and how systematic oversimplification has taken over to the point where inconvenient correlations are condemned as convoluted.

And any attempt to have a conversation on issues that clearly call for careful consideration — is hijacked by baseless beliefs beaten into your brain as bedrock fact.

On that note

As for the identity of PKIA: Follow The Yellow Brick Road . . .

“It’s indefensible! Don’t you know that?”

I wouldn’t care if PKIA cured cancer:

You don’t get a pass for basking in baseless beliefs that cripple the country — and have the bottomless nerve to preach responsibility & accountability to boot.

That is a cancer of its own

The poison he pumped into the atmosphere helped destroy the internal organs of America. So we have very different standards as to what qualifies as a “National Treasure.”

Get this story in the right hands and the jig is up.

The force field of fallacy that shields PKIA is almost impenetrable — but not all people who deny reality will forever do so in the face of the irrefutable. Some highly intelligent people at the helm of these echo chambers — blindly believe in this guy because he’s baked into their belief system.

But if just one of ’em has the integrity to look at the truth about their hero and the legacy of self-delusion he’s leaving behind:

It’s over . . .

Once word gets out — PKIA ‘s crowd will go out of their minds defending him. It’ll spread like wildfire — and when the dust settles:

We can begin anew.

I promise you:

Objective scrutiny and accountability across the board is far more fruitful & fulfilling than this horseshit:

[W]e must accept responsibility for a problem before we can solve it . . .

In a nation that incessantly blames and complains (seemingly for sport) — no one’s taking responsibility for anything. The ever-rising ocean of partisan pettiness is gluttony under the guise of concern.

What would you call untold millions marching to a Twitter-rage parade on WMD — dishing on the deaths of Rumsfeld and Powell (and whatever anniversary marks the moment):

But too lazy to take the time to look at what we can do about it.

Of course, that would require holding their own accountable as well:

So there’s that

Happy 20th Anniversary!

Seize the day to be jacked up on fuel to fire off your fury and excuses in a nation that never learns — but loves to light it up in lip service to virtues.

Ever-so bold behind force fields of fallacy that butcher those “beliefs.“

If you want to start solving problems instead of endlessly talking about them, we need to take a hard look at how we got here.

My doc was designed as a tool for honest debate. Now? It’s intended for a larger framework to clear the clutter that’s crippled this country.

To the uneducated, abstract ideas are unfamiliar; so is the detachment that is necessary to discover a truth out of one’s own knowledge and mental effort. The uneducated person views life in an intensely personal way — he knows only what he sees, hears or touches and what he is told by friends. As the unknown sage puts it, “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”

But more than ever, even the most educated minds act in an uneducated manner in service of their interests — and harm them in doing so.

My plan calls for fiercely independent thinkers (to be fully realized), but right now — one will do.

One voice became two — and two became three

How bout it, Bari? . . .

Courage means, first off, the unqualified rejection of lies. Do not speak untruths, either about yourself or anyone else, no matter the comfort offered by the mob. . . .

We are living through an epidemic of cowardice. The antidote is courage.

Or anyone who’s tired of just talk?

If we don’t right this ship

We will not see a return to some semblance of recognizing reality in our lifetime. As my videographer perfectly put it:

We finally figured out what we were doing by the end

If we don’t change course as a country — we won’t.

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