What I Think of Rittenhouse  Running Around With a Rifle is One Thing

Weighing the matter on the merits is another. I can’t offer a well-informed opinion on it, but just from the video alone — I don’t know what the Left is looking at.

And they don’t either

Like the Right, they carry baggage into every issue — so the next outrage is just another vehicle to further their agenda. What I think of these people running around with rifles is precisely to the point of this entire site:

That I can strip away anything extraneous to see a situation for exactly what it is:

On the evidence & moments that matter most . . .

Unlike most of America

I don’t have situational rules

When it comes to ascertaining the truth, I don’t care what your cause is, who’s in the White House, who controls Congress or the courts.

I learned early on in life that what you want gets in the way of what you see.

An unarmed teen in Florida was shot and killed today — he was black and the guy with the gun wasn’t

At that moment — that’s all I know

Race relations, gun control, stand-your-ground laws, black, white, whatever — none of that even enters my mind.

It instantly enters yours — because you got into the habit of letting people put it there.

Dealing on the Moment is What America Does Best

The Yellow Brick Road is the path of America’s pursuits — and how systematic oversimplification has taken over to the point where inconvenient correlations are condemned as convoluted.

And any attempt to have a conversation on issues that clearly call for careful consideration — is hijacked by baseless beliefs beaten into your brain as bedrock fact.

Until this country finds the guts to take a hard look at how we got here — this is the only direction we’re going:

Give it a go

And I’ll be happy to show you the courtesy so few have shown me.

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