America is Sinking in an Ocean of Lies — But What Lies at the Bottom of the Atlantic Since 1912 is of More Concern

I watched this digital scan of the Titantic wreckage with fascination — and that would have been the end of it until this bit below. I respect the reporting and the passion of the people behind these efforts.

What I take issue with is a culture that craves detail at the depths of Titanic while issues of world-altering consequence are skated over on the surface.

Everyone wants to endlessly talk about the movie of America — while I’m explaining how the making of the movie is what matters. You proudly refuse to listen and many ridicule my efforts to boot — as you’re all busy working on the sequel.

And after that disaster is predictably delivered — why bother listening to the person who put the writing on the wall — when you can continue to torture the truth on your way to the trilogy?

Despite how extensively the Titanic has been explored — there are still many fundamental questions. The hope is this scan could provide answers. We really don’t understand the character of the collision with the iceberg. We don’t even know if she hit it along the starboard side as shown in all the movies. She might have grounded on the iceberg — and this photogrammetry model is one of the first major steps to driving the Titanic Story toward evidence-based research and not speculation.

The sea is taking its toll on the wreck. Microbes are eating away at it and parts are disintegrating. Time is running out to find out what happened on that April night in 1912 when more than a thousand lives were lost. But the scan now freezes the wreck in time and allows experts to pour over every minute detail. The hope is, Titanic May yet give up its secrets.

Historic Travels is a great YouTube channel for Titanic history and analysis. Wouldn’t it be preposterous to tell that guy he’s wrong because of something you saw in the blockbuster?

And yet countless millions pull that stunt on a daily basis in slavish of their interests — slinging the stupidest shit imaginable without an atom of regard for reason. You talk a good game — then cry foul when called out for failing to follow your own rules.

With the story I have to tell and my ideas for using folly from the past for the benefit of the future — I should have no shortage of interest (given your desire to do right in the world).

But it’s all window dressing:

  • You thirst for critical thinking — as long it doesn’t challenge what you believe
  • You follow the facts — so long as they’re going in the direction you desire
  • You demand accountability — as long you & yours aren’t being held accountable
  • You preach responsibility — as long as it fits the formula that works for you
  • You love the idea of talking about ideas — so long as there’s no work involved that would interrupt your incessant Tweeting about your concerns
  • And that idea damn sure better be about exposing the enemy — because you sure as hell have no role in who’s to blame

The shitshow of America has eroded reason beyond recogition — eating away all that was once right and good. We could do something about that . . .

But you’re busy

How can you expect anyone to admit when they’re wrong if you won’t? And every time you allow emotion to run roughshod over reason, you further calcify habits at the other end of the spectrum from these:

Rather than assert that all opinions are equal, students in seminar learn to judge opinions on the basis of the reasons given for those opinions.

Nobody ever had to explain that to me. I’m sure you all feel the same:

And yet here we are

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